Copy of About Us

Hello, how are you? We are pleased to introduce you to your friends from PARIS GIRLS COLLECTION.

 We are a company that began in the redemption of 2015 in the heart of Los Angeles, FASHION DISTRIC, the initiation that it had in the market thanks to the demand of the customers of the matrix of this line in the DENIMLAND store in Los Angeles, California.

 We started to gather the members of the corporation for the issue about whether we would be a good idea or not! THAT OF MAKING THE SAME STYLES THAT WERE MAKING FOR LADY ALSO DO THEM FOR NINA! since we had never been in that market but for us we were very interested in the idea of ​​being able to satisfy the needs of our clients and their answers.

 We went in the month of November of the year 2015 that started our first production just making sweaters with embroidered images of children that in those times were fashionable and the response of the customers was surprising and they sold very fast. with a store to the public and another to the wholesale and in both places at the same time as to the satisfaction that to the customers to the clients and to those that we love for the quality, the price and the style of our designs

After our same clients asked us to start making jeans and more types of products, we paid attention to our consumers since our goal is to satisfy them by bringing a new, fresh and very good fashion to their closet, consecutively we started manufacturing and sale of our new trends in our stores following with the same good results.

 In the following years we have been evolving as a company and now our goal is to continue to bring fashion and comfort homes to new generation, that is why we opted for the idea of ​​starting to sell our products online creating the parisgirlscolleciton page where you will have the ease of ordering our newest designs and resivirlos as soon as possible, at a very good price and guaranteeing a very good quality,

 We invite you to continue being part of this great project and we hope that our relationship continues to be the best with you, we are always open to new ideas or requests from our consumers, do not hesitate to contact us, anything we are here to serve you in advance, remember your purchase It will be very satisfactory: